"A business that takes the time  to help  new and upcoming writers to share their stories with the world."

- Anthony Arnold

"I am very happy to report that I had an amazing experience with Katrina of Steamy Trails Publishing. I have used their services for two books and both jobs have been done with precision! Katrina has worked very closely with me in order to make sure all my titles came out to my liking and were ready for readers to purchase in a remarkable fashion.

I would recommend Steamy Trails to any author looking to get there work out there while also maintaining creative control!"  

~ Tiffany Lewis

Katrina, as I've said many times before...you are AWESOME! I cannot find the words to tell you how much it means to me to have someone like you to help me fulfill my promise.  God has really given you a gift of love, patience and concerns for others.  You have put so many sleep hours into making my dreams come true and I will forever be grateful.  

~ Carolyn Sattiewhite