Steamy Trails PRINT BOOK + EBOOK Publishing Package $370

Why should STP format my eBook?

A well-formatted eBook is a key to selling more. No one wants their eBook to be unreadable due to poor design, lousy font, or lack of white space.

PDF can’t be used to sell your book as its not follow-able, and all aggregators and publishers don’t accept PDF as eBook format.

Professional formatters ensure each eBook is personally reviewed and formatted for publishing. eBook formatting enhances your eBook’s appearance and makes it compatible with all popular eReaders, smartphones, and tablets.

  • ​Professional Cover Design
  • Ebook Bundle (Epub and Mobi)
  • Custom Book Formatting (2 Designs to choose)
  • 2 Paperback Books
  • Media Kit
  • Unlimited changes
  • ST Dedicated Publishing Manager
  • Custom full-color cover
  • ISBN assignment
  • Online distribution
  • Bookstore availability
  • LOC Control Number
  • Send us your manuscript and we will let you know in 2 business days if you are a fit for us.


    • Steamy Trails Publishing only provides light editing and grammatical errors! 
    • We will help you find the perfect editor, but that will be at your own separate cost!
    • We are no longer accepting poorly written work from full grown adults! 
    • All manuscripts will need to be approved by our staff before going forward with any titles! your paragraph here.