Kindle Service


Cover Design


  • We will proof your eBook file.
  • Each eBook file is tested on actual eReaders for ensured performance.
  • We’ll even send you a proof to review before distribution.
  • We have a list, and check it twice. Our experience guarantees your eBook meets your standards.
  • Most source files accepted. That includes Word docs, PDFs, and InDesign files from both PCs and Macs.



The Coaching Package

Send your manuscript to:


We only provide soft paperback covers and it's always very simple to create a custom designed book cover that you’ll be proud to show off.

Your book cover is the first thing readers see and with more and more self-published titles lining up on bookshelves every year, grabbing attention can be a challenge.

With us your book cover is custom-designed to professionally present your book’s themes and who you are as an author.

We walk you through step by step by guiding you through the process of publishing and distributing your own book.  we show you how to upload paperback and kindle to start making money right away with your books.

Plus you will also get in this package:

  • One-on-one author support
  • Custom full-color cover
  • Custom interior design
  • ISBN assignment
  • Electronic proof
  • Online distribution
  • Bookstore availability
  • 5 Complimentary author copy
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-Book)
  • U.S. Copyright
  • LOC Control Number



  1. Steamy Trails Publishing only provides light editing and grammatical errors! 
  2. We will help you find the perfect editor, but that will be at your own separate cost!
  3. We are no longer accepting poorly written work from full grown adults! 
  4. All manuscripts will need to be approved by our staff before going forward with any titles!