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Anthony Arnold, raised by his grandmother in a little town called Quincy in Florida, wrote his first piece in the third grade and fell in love with writing ever since that moment; writing has become a comfort and a mainstay to keep him focused.  

Writing gives Anthony the ability to educate those that have no clue about the things that African Americans have faced and writes of things that will never be taught in schools. 

He has a desire to show the younger generation that we are much more than what society has labeled us! And to let them know they have come from.

A humble man that uses poetry to express what he hears, thinks and passionately feels, Anthony invites you to join him on his poetic journey. 

Anthony Arnold returns with a powerful, historical and influential 
compilation of
poetry packed with expressions of hope. Arnold's magnificent words resonates a brighter day through remembrance and provoking change. 

ISBN-13: 978-0985118570
Available on Amazon $11.69 
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Anthony is a humble man that uses poetry to express what he knows, believes and passionately feels about culture and history. He appreciates everyone willing to have the courage to take this journey with him for a better understanding of MY PEOPLE, OUR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS

ISBN-13: 978-0985118525
Available on Amazon $10.02 
OR get your autographed copy at special pricing here
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