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“I WAS HERE” is a common quote that can be heard, understood and accepted by all humans; no matter the race, color, creed or background.  We all want to have the certain knowledge that we have made a difference as we've walk through this thing we call life.

“We are what we think we are, we become what we believe we can and we achieve our greatest dreams through the encouragement of our peers”  ~ Katrina Gurl 

Keeping Our Young Writers Inspired to Continue to use their Writing Talent!



Of course we also want and encourage our young writers to read every chance they get but we also want to encourage them to continue to use and build on their writing skills. For those who have the desire and the talent to tell stories on paper, we'd like to keep them inspired and help them to share their talent with the world.

Along with reading, writing builds skills and most of us develop the skill and love for writing at a young age...sometimes it goes unnoticed. Some talented writers may even lose interest in continuing with their writers flow. Steamy Trails wants to help our young writers flow with their gift of story telling by giving them something that will inspire them to move forward. 

There are so many young writers with the gift and we want to help them tell their story through published novels or poetry books, This is something that will help them grow and feel good about themselves; a way to encourage them to continue to use this talent no matter what career path they decide to take. This writing skill may ultimately help them in more ways than one with their chosen career. 

Our vision and goal is that they will proudly share their work with others and help create a movement that will inspire other young writers to keep their writers flow moving. This is in no way selling a get rich through books "pipe dream" but a way to encourage and inspire our young people to keep learning and building on a skill that's already there. Can you feel the movement coming on? Unfortunately, we cannot accept every young talented writer into our Young Writers Flow program with a desire to write but we will be able to accept a select few.

The SteamyT Pub team has started a drive to help us fund this program. We have invested our time and some of our own funds, as well as, recruited a few great writers who so graciously volunteered their time and writings to help create a short story / poetry book for this purpose. All proceeds from the sales of this book will go into our "Young Writers Flow" project fund. This fund will be used to help get those select few published and allow them to have their book available for sale at select book stores and on hand to share and inspire others.

To Support This Project Please Order A Copy Of
"For This Cause Writers Unite: A SteamyT Pub Young Writers Flow Project

This program is available to high school and college students between the ages of 17-23. To see if you qualify to become a "Young Writers Flow" project member you will be required to fill out a questionnaire Acceptance into the program will depend on questionnaire answers along with a few other details and will also be dependent on how many we are able to accommodate at that time. A waiting list may ultimately be put in place. All Writers publishing through Steamy Trails Publishing keep their copyrights to their written work. This includes our "Young Writers Flow" project members. 
Questionnaire form and more details coming soon! 

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